I often travel abroad but I also like traveling in Japan.


Http:// ""Nikko Kisoge is beautiful this season, we go to the wetland where we can go by car in about 30 minutes each year and see the nikko kishge Around the area is yellow and very beautiful There are many tourists every year. """" This year it is a bit far, I went to Komagomeza, Fukushima prefecture Minamiaizu - cho towards the town. "" It was raining luckily when I arrived. """" A lot of Nikko Kisoge 's blooming in the wilderness that I have been doing are extensive in bloom. """" Because it was a rainy day, watasugi is more fluffy than rather fluffy, I was wet but I was crowded with it.I was the first time I saw watermelons. """" I was lucky to see watasus and nikko kiss spirit at the same time. """" Also, I live in a mountain marsh Higa gear ""There were only one pair of customers except for us, so I was able to appreciate it slowly on this day as if I was able to appreciate it as if I came to heaven as it was sleeping now I thought it was in my dreams .... I thought it was the scenery I expected, I think it is a little hidden place. """" I'd like to come back next year to see this scenery. ""

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